Loading and unloading trucks, including the internal movement and geographical set-up of machines. We can also take care of complete turn-key relocation projects, including assembly and dismantling.



We are a leading company in lifting work and a specialist in lifting in confined spaces and rooms with a low ceiling. With our specialist equipment, we will look for the appropriate lifting solution.



We organise and look after complete industrial removals and specialist machine transport.


Transport since 1932

In 1932, at the age of 31, Gomar Vandendorpe started transporting goods for local traders by horse and cart. He soon raised his operations to a higher level when he purchased his first truck in 1939. Sadly, those operations were soon curtailed. When World War II broke out, the Belgian government laid claim to his vehicle. After a period of working again with horse and cart, Gomar decided to sell his horse and acquire a new truck. The company entered a new era.

Niche in the textile sector

With the help of his sons, Gomar managed to expand the company even more. Transport Vandendorpe specialised in relocating industrial machines, particularly machines from the textile sector which made the region so prosperous. Through their unique approach with trucks, they continued to build on their success. The demand for specialised industrial transport grew ever greater and the challenge ever more complex. Further innovation was essential in order to be able to support the constantly changing industries by transporting their machines.

Specialists in industrial removals

After their military service, Gomar’s grandsons decided to enter the family business, just as their father had done. Several business changes took place. Amongst other things, this led to a further expansion of their team, fleet, and machinery. The transport firm started to specialise even more in every possible area of industrial transport. Apart from the increase in trucks, this also manifested itself in the purchase of (mobile) cranes, various sorts of forklifts, and high-tech equipment.

Vandendorpe - Machine handlers

The public limited company Transport Vandendorpe Zwevegem N.V. (TVZ for short) continued to grow and was taken over in 2018. That also involved an immediate change of name. The term ‘Transport’ had not done justice to operations for a long time. And so, Transport Vandendorpe Zwevegem changed its name to Vandendorpe – Machine Handlers. This retained the well known family name, which had become a fixture in the sector. Vandendorpe Machine Handlers is well known today for its expertise in machine handling, transport, and solution-oriented service. The machinery continues to develop in order to cope with each challenge in increasingly complex industries and sectors.

Active for 85 years
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Moving machines is not an exact science. Therefore, safety is always one of our priorities. Our workers possess the necessary diplomas and certificates to do the job safely. We are also VCA* approved.