Assembly – dismantling

New machines and installations often have to be constructed in full at the location itself. Very often, suppliers of machines will not have enough workers and equipment to complete this assignment satisfactorily on location. However, Vandendorpe Machine Handlers has all the required knowledge and equipment (forklift trucks, pick and carry cranes, hydraulic platforms, etc.) to construct machines fully, even in the most confined spaces.

We discuss a plan of approach together with the supplier. Both the timing and the required equipment is passed on so that the installation can be completed as efficiently and safely as possible.

We can also offer a solution even if your installation has to be dismantled for sale or reconstruction. Our experienced workers will draw up a diagram of your installation fully so that we can install it again later section by section.

Perhaps your machine has to be dismantled for scrap iron, but the location requires absolute precision (narrow space or for safety reasons etc.)? We will treat the machines properly until they are standing outside and ready to be treated further by a scrap merchant. If the client so wishes, we can also deliver the machines to the scrap merchant and, if necessary, unload them ourselves (*).

(*) Heavy weights can seldom, if ever, be unloaded from the truck on the scrap merchant’s premises. We can come along with suitable equipment to unload the scrap iron and put it on the side.



Loading and unloading trucks, including the internal movement and geographical set-up of machines. We can also take care of complete turn-key relocation projects, including assembly and dismantling.



We are a leading company in lifting work and a specialist in lifting in confined spaces and rooms with a low ceiling. With our specialist equipment, we will look for the appropriate lifting solution.



We organise and look after complete industrial removals and specialist machine transport.