Industrial removal

Do you want to move some machines or even your entire production? Such operations involve much more than just moving machines from A to B. You have to unplug electrical machines, dismantle them, assemble them, align them, and set them level, for instance, whilst production has to continue at least partially. 

Your people do not always possess the necessary competences and time to carry out such operations. We have at our disposal a wide range of equipment to carry out these assignments properly and safely. Our years of expertise enable us to estimate the timing accurately so that you can plan accordingly. 

We always try to offer you a total package including:

  • Dismantling machines
  • Moving machines internally
  • Loading, transporting, and unloading machines
  • Assembling machines
  • Positioning and levelling machines.

We do removals both at home and abroad. 



Loading and unloading trucks, including the internal movement and geographical set-up of machines. We can also take care of complete turn-key relocation projects, including assembly and dismantling.



We are a leading company in lifting work and a specialist in lifting in confined spaces and rooms with a low ceiling. With our specialist equipment, we will look for the appropriate lifting solution.



We organise and look after complete industrial removals and specialist machine transport.