Perhaps you haven’t yet found a buyer, but your machines will still have to make way for new ones? We can offer you a solution. For instance, we have the necessary storage space at our disposal to store your machine temporarily. If you find a buyer later, we can send the machine from our warehouse to the end client.

Perhaps your premises aren’t yet ready, but your new machines are already on their way? Here, too, we can store your machines temporarily until your premises are ready.

Magazijn Vandendorpe


Loading and unloading trucks, including the internal movement and geographical set-up of machines. We can also take care of complete turn-key relocation projects, including assembly and dismantling.



We are a leading company in lifting work and a specialist in lifting in confined spaces and rooms with a low ceiling. With our specialist equipment, we will look for the appropriate lifting solution.



We organise and look after complete industrial removals and specialist machine transport.